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Sat 13th Aug 2011 Tops was in labour from 4am this morn but her waters didn't break until 5.15pm and she had the first pup, a  female at 6.05pm. By 10.30pm she had four girls and six boys.

Tues 16th Named pups- boys - Icedawn Zane (beloved);Zev (wolf);Zareb(guardian);Zareh(protector);Zhenya (noble) and Zuberi (strong). Girls - Icedawn Zanta (beautiful girl);Zuri (white and lovely); Zayna (Beauty) and Zara(princess). All to be sold with contracts, guarantees, diet charts, vaccination and worming records.

Mon 5th Sept ( Don't know why this blog info keeps disappearing.) Pups at 3 weeks are eating solids. All well.

Mon 19th Pups 5 weeks old, rowdy and always ready for a meal. They are weaned and on puppy biscuits. They get their C3 vaccination this Fri.

Thurs 22nd Photographed  the pups individually.